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about the program

Ahh life! We've gotten our stuff dialed in. We're doing all the right things at the right time. 

Why does something feel off?  

You may be doing the right things at the right time for commitments you don't feel as committed to any more. Commitments aren't static: we need to recommit or renegotiate the commitment on a regular basis. Are you stuck because the commitment seemed right at the time, but things have changed, or I didn't know I signed up for this?

At GTD Focus, we find it helpful to examine our actions on several horizons:   Foundation is the level for handling your list management, asynchronous communication, and calendar. Strategy is the level for the three-fold nature of work: pre-defined work, work as it appears, defining work. All this is essential to everything else.

Everything else is your life as it develops. GTD Focus's Vision and ReFocus is proactive, allowing you to develop and change; take risks, embrace adventures, surprise yourself, close a chapter in your life and enter another. And it's reactive, it puts you in position for all the challenges of health, career, relationships, global pandemics, wars and revolutions, climate change.  

Vision and Refocus is designed to give you space to track and understand not only what you do, but why. This is vitally important because at the point of next action, sometimes our energy and enthusiasm suddenly disappears. Sometimes, you just need a walk and a snack, but surprisingly often, your commitment at a higher level to this thing, has come out of alignment.

Vision and Refocus is a minimum six-month commitment to exploring two higher-level horizons of focus: Areas of Focus and Responsibility and Vision.

Our areas of focus and responsibility involve things we do because of commitments we make to ourselves or others. All the stuff in the real world:  eat more plant-based foods; spend a certain amount of hours on the job; look out for your employees and co-workers; pick up the kids from school; take all of your vacation time; vote. 

Vision is the idea place. Ideas aren't filmable actions. Ideas can be imagined and those imaginations spoken, sketched, acted out but they aren't things yet. Ideas lead to real world outcomes, but are still in the realm of speculation. Rather than, let's build a bridge here, it's -- do you think there should be a bridge here?  This is the place to ask, how do we feel about starting a family? What if we started a business? What if we amended the Constitution?  What if we could deflect a meteor heading for New York City? How can we cure cancer?

Vision and Refocus embraces two areas of focus -- without ignoring the others -- because your visions have to manifest in commitments, and if you're making new commitments you'll inevitably need to renegotiate and or close off existing commitments. At the same time, those new commitments will need to be supported by projects and next actions. 

Big life-enhancing change needs space to be seeded, incubated, and developed. Vision and Refocus helps you make that space

Minimum time commitment

Optional two days in person to start the program. 

At least six virtual sessions per quarter

Please contact us for more details.

Fees Based On

• 12 virtual sessions $6800 USD.
• Optional in person based on $10,000/day USD including travel, meals, accommodations.
• Any consecutive days billed at $8,000/day USD.

Text, emails, ad hoc calls included.

Scope and cadence to be re-evaluated quarterly. All sessions may include other participants and you
may designate any session to be solely for another participant of your choosing.

In-person days may include group sessions and individual sessions with other personnel.