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An Intense and highly personal program tailored to

what you need at a given time and place

About the program

What if the things you're trying to get done, exactly matched the time you have to do them?

What if you got to a place of quiet competence where you knew, no matter what life sends your way, you have your way of engaging.

The good news.

If you want to build a relationship, become conversant in a language, play the ukulele; achieve quiet competence, you have to engage it at least once every five to ten days. Let three weeks slip and those relationships, that learning, that investment in the experience, will get gradually harder to restart – to the point that you’re likely to be embarrassed to reach out, pick it back up, and re-explore.

Two years.

Engage something at least every five- to ten-days for two years, and you’ll find your brain has taken it seriously and is going after you to improve and persist. It takes two years to pay the cognitive mortgage, but now you own it.

Spend two years in an intensive and deeply personal engagement toward your most satisfying life. One of our best trained and most experienced coaches becomes your guide and companion up and down the five horizons of your life's journey.

*This program focuses on the upper horizons as described by David Allen here: https://gettingthingsdone.com/2011/01/the-6-horizons-of-focus/

Horizon 1:  projects

A project is a series of next actions that, again, produce something in the real world: buy a car, start a theatre in the barn, start a business, build a house, have a baby. All of these things require a more or less coherent set of actions that result in a thing in the real world.  You keep moving because you defined the outcome, identified the necessary next action, or are understanding the powers beyond your control.

horizon 2:  Areas of Focus and Responsibility

These are things we do because of commitments we make to ourselves or others. Again stuff in the real world. Eat more plant-based foods, spend a certain amount of hours on the job, pick up the kids from school, take all of your vacation time. Commitments aren't static: we recommit and renegotiate the commitment on a regular basis. You recommit or renegotiate because the commitment seemed right at the time, but things have changed, or you didn't know you signed up for this.

Horizon 3:  One- to two-year goals and objectives

What will the roles you’re in right now be looking like 12-18 months from now, based on your goals and on the directions of the changes at that level? You may be personally changing what you’re doing, given personal goals; job requirements, family changes. Getting this level clear always creates some new projects and actions.

horizon 4:  Vision

This is the idea place. Ideas aren't filmable actions. Ideas can be imagined and those imaginations spoken, sketched, acted out but they aren't things yet. Ideas lead to real world outcomes, but are still in the realm of speculation. Rather than, let's build a bridge here, it's -- do you think there should be a bridge here? How do you feel about starting a family? Are you stuck because you're bumping up against forces out of your control? This is the place to ask, what if we amended the Constitution?  What if we could deflect a meteor heading for New York City? How can we cure cancer?

horizon 5:  purpose and principles

These are your life's final exam questions. What kind of person do I want to be? What mark do I want to make? What do I want to leave behind? How do I want to be thought of by the people I care about?  This takes you straight back to Level 1. Are the specific next actions I take every five to ten days the ones that will get me here.

Minimum Time Commitment

Two days in person to start the program. At least one in person day per quarter

At least six virtual sessions per quarter

Please contact us for more details.

Fees Based On

• 24 virtual sessions/year -- $13,600 USD/year.
• In person based on $10,000/day USD including travel, meals, accommodations.
• Any consecutive days billed at $8,000/day USD.

Text, emails, ad hoc calls included.

Scope and cadence to be re-evaluated quarterly. All sessions may include other participants and you
may designate any session to be solely for another participant of your choosing. 

In-person days may include group sessions and individual sessions with other personnel.