Frequently asked questions

What is GTD®?

For all the trendy planners, task managers, organizational systems, and apps, there’s not a tool in the world that will make you more productive or efficient. But you have big dreams and a lot to accomplish, so you know you need something to push yourself forward and achieve more.

Since 2001, GTD has guided those in search of more with self-reliant methods to achieve focus and freedom. To not just get more done, but to apply dedicated thought and action to the things that matter. As a proven, global methodology for productivity and time management, GTD instills everything you need to bring order to chaos and achieve more. Freedom. Focus. GTD.

What are the fives steps of GTD®?


Collect what has your attention

Write, record, or gather any and everything that has your attention into a collection tool.


Process what it means

Is it actionable? If so, decide the next action and project (if more than one action is required). If not, decide if it is trash, reference, or something to put on hold.


Put it where it belongs

Park reminders of your categorized content in appropriate places.


Review frequently

Update and review all pertinent system contents to regain control and focus.


Simply do

Use your trusted system to make action decisions with confidence and clarity.

How does the coaching process work (conceptually to logisitically)

We will be capturing input from your environment and your mind that has your attention, clarifying it by making decisions about what actions are required, if any, and organizing the results into a seamless system of projects, actions, and information that can be easily reviewed when needed. In the course of the program, a high volume of your real work will actually get accomplished, much will probably get purged, and a great deal of productive communications with others will likely happen.

Do I need coaching or can I do it by The Book?

Of course you can install GTD by following the Getting Things Done book. Coaching will tailor the GTD system and your tools specifically to you, with a seasoned coach by your side the whole time to help you course correct, clear roadblocks, answer questions, and get you up to speed often more quickly and easily than trying to do it on your own.

Does coaching ever not work?

GTD and our coaching program work for anyone with a willingness and motivation to make it work. We do our best to scope what you are looking for, before we start any coaching program to make sure it’s a fit for what you want to be doing or experiencing differently. We look at what you’re bumping up against to make sure what the intentions of the coaching program are aligned to your goals. We want this to be successful for you.

Who does best with coaching?

We coach a wide range of people in the GTD process--from new hires just starting their career who need to learn foundational tools and best practices, to senior executives looking to be more strategic, focused, and impactful in their roles as leaders.

A common theme we hear from many of our clients is they have very rich, creative, and successful lives, but have a sense they aren’t working in a sustainable way to produce what they need and want to--personally and professionally. GTD coaching is often the “glue” they’ve been missing to work more efficiently, productively, and strategically.

“After twenty-plus years, I’ve been able to find only one common denominator among the people and the organizations that have most implemented our productivity methodologies: They have a consistent internal forward momentum. It’s not lip-served or a merely conceptual “desire to improve” but rather a real deep-seated pull toward some improved future state for themselves or at least for things they feel responsible for. That’s why people and organizations that look very similar have highly varying degrees of attractions to what we do.. Their drive to get somewhere easier, faster, and better can be quite different…."

- David Allen

What should I do to prepare for my coaching?

Block out uninterrupted time for us to work the program. We can arrange “islands” of time for you to handle urgent calls or other demands that may arise, and start/end times to fit your schedule, but the investment in this process is best leveraged by dedicating as much focused time as possible.

Ensure that you will have some common low-tech organizing supplies at hand:

– Sticky notes

– Blank letter-size paper (copy paper is fine) or legal pads (letter or junior size)

– Stack tray(s)-at least one to use as an “in-tray” (we recommend “Stackable Trays” that are open on the long side)

– New file folders that match your system

– Automatic labeler (Optional)

– Any current working tools for a calendar, reference, and reminders.

Can my team go through coaching?

Yes, we can coach your team, but each person will be coached individually for a personalized, 1;1 experience. The exception would be if you have an executive and assistant team who work closely together, where it would make sense to pull them together for certain parts of the coaching process to clarify specific items.

What is the Weekly Review?

The GTD Weekly Review® is a weekly reflection process for getting clear and current, so you can be creative and strategic in your life and work. It’s a cornerstone practice in the GTD system and something we focus on in our coaching programs as a repeatable habit.

What if I want a GTD® course

If you are in the US or Canada, group training is delivered exclusively by Crucial Learning. Visit https://www.cruciallearning.com/getting-things-done/

GTD connect is also an excellent resource for self-paced webinars, audio/video library, and user forums. Visit https://gtdconnect.com.

What is the Kairos Assessment

A unique feature of our GTD® Coaching is the opportunity to receive a personal evaluation based on the powerful Kairos Assessment, developed by leading-edge researchers in neurology-based learning and communication function

Our clients who have chosen to take the survey have found it valuable in developing personal strategies for implementing the GTD® best practices, as well as increasing their communication skills.

How can I take this much time away from work?

This is not time away from work. This is your work. You will experience getting more of your real work done during this time than if you were in your normal day-to-day mode.

This is not an academic, off-line program. It is conducted in the middle of the maelstrom, with the real things on your plate, on your mind, in your email, on your papers, and in your inbox. Additionally, the results of the process will likely repay these invested hours many-fold.