Cyrille is a GTD® Certified Coach with global experience. He first discovered David Allen’s methodology in 2009. It clicked immediately as he was grappling with his busy life and consulting business in London. After several years of practice, he decided to go all-in in 2015 and acquired the Greater China GTD Franchise.

ABOUT Cyrille

Cyrille’s strength comes from the breadth of his experience as he continues to work with executives in a variety of industries – IT, Banking & Insurance, Utilities, Architecture, Professional and Advisory Services, FMCG, Manufacturing and Healthcare.   

He uses deep listening and structured approaches with flexibility and adaptability to suit his clients’ unique circumstances and challenges.

Prior to focusing on GTD coaching, Cyrille had a career in Global Utilities, in Change Management Consulting and Coaching in over 30 countries and, as a GTD franchisee/ Master Trainer for the Greater China market. Since 2020, he has focused his work on helping individuals thrive through life and work’s challenges using GTD and other methods to bring back balance, control, perspective and focus into their lives.

On the personal front, Cyrille dedicates his time to his family’s and his own wellbeing. As a Frenchman, he enjoys good healthy food; finds great joy in learning about different cultures; and loves the peace he finds on nature walks.