GTD Focus helps individuals who want to increase their capacity by accelerating their setup of a personalized GTD system.

As promised, we’re delivering you another set of our GTD® coaches’ trusted systems to explore.

Check out the two videos below to gain a fresh perspective on how you can set up Trello and a hybrid system to make GTD work for you.

Mary O’Malley walks you through the capture, clarify, and organize stages of workflow in Trello: How a GTD® Coach Uses Trello (2024) (9-minute runtime).

If you’re interested in a tool like Trello that presents information in a more visual format but are unsure how to set it up for GTD, this is a great resource for inspiration.

Julie Ireland gives you: An Inside Look at a GTD® Hybrid System (8-minute runtime). Learn what motivated her to make an unexpected shift to paper and how thoughtful organization can enhance productivity and focus.


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