This week’s newsletter focuses on the realization that we can’t control everything in our lives, no matter how prepared we might think we are.

In this blog post, the CEO of GTD Focus and Kairos Cognition, Francis Sopper, goes over the value of reflecting on past events that didn’t go as planned. He recounts a day where unexpected interactions interrupted his schedule, but eventually led to meaningful connections and positive outcomes.

Are unclear due dates causing problems with your scheduling? Don’t worry; there’s an easy solution to ensure you don’t forget the crucial next actions on your list. Check out this video by GTD Coach Christina Armstrong on how to handle these situations (2-minute runtime).

Mary Oliver reads her poem, Wild Geese, a reflection on not being too hard on yourself and learning how to forgive and accept.

“Motivating ourselves with criticism is all about making ourselves fear failure, which often results in our avoiding challenges that might result in failure. We shrink from our setbacks and challenges because we’re afraid of our inner-critic.” – Tim Desmond

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