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GTD coach Meg Edwards shares insights on giving your system an upgrade through her experience learning to play the guitar in How to Give Your GTD® System a Makeover (6-minute runtime). Meg highlights the Foundation Course, which is designed to help individuals install their GTD system so they can customize and seamlessly integrate it into their workflow. If you’re ready to elevate your GTD practice but need a little help, watch this short video to learn more.

“Ditch the peer pressure and societal expectations, and instead make intentional choices about how you want to spend your time and thoughtfully create your life.” – Eve Rodsky

Dive into this forum discussion centered on lesser-known GTD tips that are mentioned in the book though are not often talked about.

Have a paper-based system and don’t like using pencils, but find pens are too messy and permanent? GTD coach, Mary O’Malley, uses these smooth writing, erasable pens to avoid this problem.

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