This week’s newsletter falls pretty close to Mother’s Day. If you are a mom, have a mom, know a mom or are thinking about becoming a mom, we crafted this content with you in mind.

What does GTD say about the work-life balance? GTD Coach Mary O’Malley sheds light on this topic in Redefining What Work-Life Balance Means (2-minute runtime). For more videos with tips, thoughts, and practical strategies, subscribe to GTD Focus by going to our YouTube channel.

Moms often need to prioritize efficiency. Discover how Getting Things Done (GTD) can transform family life in the blog post: GTD for Moms.

Are you struggling to divide domestic duties fairly? GTD Coach Mary O’Malley recommends Fair Play, a system that sets partners up for relationship and parenting success.

“We have to start treating our home as our most important organization, where we value accountability and trust.” – Eve Rodsky


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