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Strategies to live a more 

purposeful life


You have a trusted GTD installation. You have a project list; you can create next actions; your incoming is captured and managed. Your calendar commitments are reliably met.  

At the same time, you still have more important projects and actions than you can accomplish within the 24-hour wall. Maybe your job and personal responsibilities have grown. You're reaching for bigger things. You're doing new things. You want to open up space. You're in transition. 

You’re not alone. 

This program is guided by coaches who understand what it means to be busy and overwhelmed with projects and next actions. 

You address it by engaging the Three-fold Nature of Work:

     Pre-defined work

     Work as it appears

     Defining work

Your coach will lead you on a path engaging your work in these three distinct categories. Each leans on different components of your trusted systems and requires different habits. 

It's a level up from managing your GTD system. Now it's leveraging that system to engage your life's purposes.

In this program you will...

  • Manage complexity
  • Beat overwhelm
  • Create more time for the things that matter in your life
  • Accomplish more in business and life

What's included

GTD Methodology Guides

GTD Workflow Map

The Kairos Assessment

Ready for Anything book

Who this is for

You have a trusted system

You live a complex and rich life

You have more important projects and actions than you can accomplish in the time available


Promise of the Program


Review the GTD Competency Self Assessment to identify the Areas of Focus for this coaching. 


Review and update

List management



Weekly Review




Review and update commitments

Important to keeping commitments is an accurate assessment of what’s possible.

Identify what you can complete with integrity this week, the next three weeks, the next forty days, the next quarter.

Over a four-month’s period, your coach will support your tracking and evaluating the movement of your commitments to completion. 

You will capture the emergence of commitments that aren’t possible to meet with the time and resources available to you within the time frame of the commitment. 

For those commitments, you and your coach will develop a program to manage them:

Move to Someday/Maybe



Leave to the universe

Grieve the loss of opportunity

Embrace the freedom and energy now available to the possible