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In order to read this, and in fact, in order to do everything you do, you need to hold back the incoming. While you’re reading right now, you have uncompleted tasks, messages that need actions, a steady flow of fresh incoming, maybe personal interruptions. This task takes mental effort to do, and mental effort to hold back the to do. 

This program is designed for those of you who benefit from the energy and serendipity that emerges from in-person, interpersonal engagement. Your coach will be in your space, experiencing your context, and supporting you in holding open clear space in your day to frame a reliable and durable GTD structure. You’ll work together: step by step, as things show up in your real world, to build project lists, next-actions lists, populate a calendar, create systems for reminders, make clear and actionable delegations, waiting-for lists, and lists for the someday-maybe’s. 

Time Commitment

Anticipate that you will want to schedule and defend a preview and preparation virtual call, two days of in-person; and four follow-up virtual calls to be completed within 2 months. During the two days, you and your coach will engage the threefold nature of your work: predefined work, work as it appears, and planning work. You’ll want to leave room for engaging your coach in anticipation and reflection throughout the in-person part of the engagement. 

And the program isn’t about time spent, it’s about reaching the success targets defined by the promise of the program. Some of you will finish early; for others, your coach may recommend more time -- either virtually or in person. In either case, the fees remain the same. This is our brand promise; we’re with you to the finish.


Promise of the Program

List Manager

You have defined the best tool for Projects, Next Actions, Agendas, Waiting For's and Someday/Maybe.


You utilize your calendar only for time-specific actions, day-specific actions and day specific information.


You have created a plan for any backlog paper and email and added those actions to my “Get Clean and Current Project.”

Limits and Boundaries

You will have identified the limits of your projects, next actions, and aspirations.

Weekly Review

You have completed a weekly review with the coach.


Inbox 0 at least once.

You have clarified, organized and filed your current emails for retrieval.


You choose the best Apps, based on the GTD Setup Guides, or learn specific tool features to make your GTD practice more productive.


All of your current paper is captured, clarified and organized for retrieval.


Track and record hidden taxes on your attention and energy