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GTD Best Practices


What if the things you're trying to get done, exactly matched the time you have to do them?

This is for those of you who don't have a quitting time. No matter how well you're organized. No matter how hard you work. No matter how good you get. It's never enough. At some point every day, you stop working, but the work doesn't stop. And it's been that way for a couple of years. 

There is a baseline truth that you have to work hard, work smart, and keep learning. And to succeed,  you need to keep doing things differently. We need to groove new grooves in our patterns. 

The really great leaders are the ones who keep the people around them whom they trust will hold their feet to the fire, and whom they give the time and permission to keep them constantly focused on the prize.

About the program

  • Two days in person, or equivalent virtual intensive sessions, to get a complete inventory of your engagements and to establish the scope and sequence of to success
  • Two virtual meetings per month 
  • One in-person per quarter
  • Ad hoc calls and emails 
  • All of this is in service of your separating what is possible from the aspirational
  • Our team of specialists will participate with you in the big thinking in order to bring your optimum opportunities into each week 

the path

First, identify your comparative advantage. You have a specific way of being that includes your knowledge, experience, skills, aptitudes, cognitive alignment, and factors yet to be uncovered. What this means is that no two of us, standing in the same place at the same time; looking in the same direction, experience the universe in exactly the same way. Understand these and you'll uncover your comparative advantage: the things you do that if you don't do them, the universe won't get them. 

Second, become aware of the particular alignment of time, attention, and energy that gives you your personal best advantage for certain things. 

Third, align your best engagements with the optimum time, attention, and energy for those things. 

Fourth, screen out, ignore, delegate, leave to the universe all those lesser engagements that crowd out your time, attention, and energy for doing your best. 

GTD Commit is a year-long practice of getting to your best in the time you have to be best. It's getting things done and getting things out of the way. 

The result: the things you're doing exactly match the time you have to do them.


GTD Methodology Guides

GTD Workflow Map

The Kairos Assessment

Making It All Work book

Who this Program is for

You have a trusted system

You live a complex and rich life

You have more important projects and actions than you can accomplish in the time available


With Everything Sub Optimal You Commit To 

- Renegotiate 

- Delegate

- Leave to the universe

- Grieve the loss of opportunity

- Embrace the freedom and energy now available to the possible

We're with you to the finish.