How much time do you spend clarifying and organizing?

For those of you new to GTD, clarifying is the process of being clear on what something means and its relationship to you.

Organizing is the process of putting the items you’ve clarified in the right place so you’ll know where to find them.

It may be tempting to rush through these steps when busy, but doing so can set you back.

Check out this week’s resources on why these steps are a powerful aspect of your workflow.

There’s no golden rule for how much time you should spend clarifying a project, but you can discover how much time works best for YOU. Check out this GTD forum discussion where fellow practitioners share how much time they invest in clarifying their projects.

You’re not alone in the challenge of finding free time to clarify and organize everything that requires your attention. In this video: The Importance of Clarifying and Organizing (4-minute runtime), Julie Ireland talks about why it’s so important to find time and why you shouldn’t skip these two integral steps.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonardo DaVinci


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